A rock in the Aegean, painted on my freaking phone

May 3, 2011 § 6 Comments

I am still recuperating after the exit of the children at the end of their Easter hols. Children on holiday are lovely, ever entertaining and capable of taking years off your life. Since they have gone back to their loving mum, I have slept twelve hours a night and would like a bit more still.

In the meantime, I discovered the glory of the Brushes program for iPhone. Once I got my phone back after two weeks of it serving as pinball machine, skee-ball gallery, fishing pond, Nintendo-esque console for a Zelda-esque Zenonia, and so on, I found it plastered in the peculiar stiff, sticky paste secreted only by the slim, tender, disgusting hands of children. I scoured it off with squeamish care and then decided to cleanse the machine soul within it of all recent evil idleness by doing something creative on it. You have to love a phone that will serve as canvas and paintbox on the go. Behold a rock sticking out of the Aegean. Brushes!

my first finished iPhone Brushes painting

Posting is still intermittent because there is not going to be any Internet at the house until mid-May. This is considered deliriously rapid progress locally, so I will bear it with cheer.

A note on spring in Greece, for the women among us interested in the shopping: I have seen no floral women’s dresses in bright pinks and yellows, which to me herald spring as much as any crocus or sneeze. The local ladies are sticking to their blacks, browns and beiges with unnecessary stubbornness. Please, my international friends, post me a link to the most vulgar spring dress you can find that can be bought online, to cheer me up, if you please.

Also, last random bit today: thank you to Victoria for mentioning the guide on her Spring Top 10 for her blog!


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§ 6 Responses to A rock in the Aegean, painted on my freaking phone

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